Proyecto Promociona | Membership Benefits
Proyecto Promociona - Programa Ejecutivo de Mujeres en la Alta Dirección diseñado específicamente para fortalecer y desarrollar las competencias, habilidades profesionales y de liderazgo de mujeres altamente cualificadas en su ascenso hacia la primera línea de la organización.
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Membership Benefits

Membership Beneficts

1. For you, for …


Continue your professional development and management by centralizing the resources in this environment to do so. Access new programs and training options that allow you exclusive discounts enhance your management capabilities. Enable access to the Coaching and Mentoring service that allow you to work from your tools and expert advice to achieve your career goals.


Career opportunities where you can access a database updated with offers from companies.


2. On your network


Alumni Directory Access, exclusive setting for alumni Project, which aims to maintain and strengthen professional ties is an active weight management development Invitation to participate in the “Breakfast Promote” meetings and sessions where the exchange will be encouraged ideas and experiences from activities that promote awareness of business maxim today.


Collaborative virtual space, virtual meeting place that promotes the exchange of knowledge, dialogue and and strengthen professional relationships.


3. Promote


Draft guidelines urge women to reach the highest positions in the company that gives you the opportunity to develop and / or strengthen management skills, own tools to achieve that goal.


Program that allows us to identify professionals who make this project their own personal project and support other women inside or outside your organization. Program that continues over time provided that their spirit is maintained by its participants.


Career opportunities where you can access a database updated with offers from companies.