Proyecto Promociona | Alumni
Proyecto Promociona - Programa Ejecutivo de Mujeres en la Alta Dirección diseñado específicamente para fortalecer y desarrollar las competencias, habilidades profesionales y de liderazgo de mujeres altamente cualificadas en su ascenso hacia la primera línea de la organización.
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Promote project program to promote women managers to reach the highest positions in the company that gives you the opportunity to develop and / or strengthen management skills, own tools to achieve that goal.


This program offers the opportunity to be part of a network of students who attend or attended training Promote face Draft promote networking and synergies between policies and companies that are or have been part of the program.


We encourage you to register and become part of the extensive of students is forming for the duration of the project Promote program. So you can benefit from the wide range of highly qualified professionals and expertise available from very different professional sectors of each applicable.